Monday, August 24, 2009

Gardasil & Swine Flu Vaccines: Inconvenient Truths

Gardasil & Swine Flu Vaccines: Inconvenient Truths

By Barbara Loe Fisher

The summer of 2009 revealed two inconvenient truths about vaccination:
first, the Gardasil vaccine is not as safe for girls as the government,
medical organizations and Merck have said it is; and second, the H1N1
influenza pandemic is not as serious as health officials are telling us it
is. Which means that fast tracked swine flu vaccines children will get in
schools this fall may end up being more risky than getting the flu.

Doctors Question Benefits & Merck Marketing Tactics

On August 19, the Journal of the American Medical Association published two
important articles written by doctors questioning whether HPV vaccine
benefits outweigh the risks of recommending it for all young girls. The
intellectually honest doctors publicly criticized the aggressive marketing
of Gardasil vaccine by Merck and certain Merck-funded U.S. medical
organizations and asked for more scientific evidence that universal HPV
vaccination is necessary, safe and effective.

Bad Outcome Report After 1 in Every 1,855 Gardasil Shots

In the third article, written by government health officials, it was
revealed that 1 in every 1,855 Gardasil shots is followed by a bad health
outcome report to the government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

These bad health outcomes reported after Gardasil shots include lots of
girls suddenly passing out and having seizures within minutes or hours of
getting vaccinated and suffering head injuries and broken bones when they
hit the floor. In fact, there is a larger than expected rate of girls
passing out after getting Gardasil vaccine.

Girls Passing Out & Having Car Accidents

Back in 2007, the National Vaccine Information Center warned that many girls
given Gardasil shots were losing consciousness within minutes or hours. Some
girls have left doctors offices and fallen unconscious while driving and had
car accidents......