Thursday, April 22, 2010

Acute Homeopathy 200C Remedy Kit (50 Remedies) At A Very Affordable Price

NOTE - As of summer 2012, this kit is not always in stock or shipped reliably for a timely delivery at the present time.

Every family using homeopathic care on a regular basis should have a homeopathic remedy kit available for emergency acutes, illnesses and injuries!

For all our clients, we recommend this very affordable kit of 50 of the most commonly used remedies in a 200C from Natural Living at

Price: $89.95 USD
The Homeopathic Remedy Kit Includes:
  • 50 remedy emergency kit in #15 pellets
  • "Peoples Repertory" book the non-professional by Dr. Luc De Schepper
This 50 remedy kit is manufactured by Bengal Allen Medicine in India who has been making hand-succussed remedies for 99 years and who is known for quality worldwide.  Many of the employees of this company have been working for Bengal Allen for generations. A well known Indian homeopath Dr. Banerjea is the director of the company. This kit has most of the remedies one might need in acute conditions.
All the remedies are in size #15 pellets (these are the tiny poppy seed size pills). The vials come in a carrying box for easy and convenient storage, including for travel.
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* Kits are normally stocked in the USA so they can be shipped immediately.