Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stanford Scientist Proving DNA Fragments In Vaccines Cause Autism

Stanford Scientist Proving DNA Fragments In Vaccines Cause Autism

Saying vaccines cause autism these days brings forth a great many passionate debates. Pro-vaxxers have launched Government and Celebrity funded campaigns to make sure that no one out there ever even considers the idea, no matter how much evidence is put forth. But that hasn’t stopped everyone from keeping up the good fight to keep vaccines and Big Pharma honest.

Dr. Theresa Deisher, a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University, the first person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells, determined that residual human fetal DNA fragments in vaccines may be one of the causes of autism in children through vaccination.

“It is possible that these contaminating fragments could be incorporated into a child’s genome and disrupt normal gene function, leading to autistic phenotypes.”

You can read the full study HERE.

Of course, Deisher’s credentials are no joke at all, you can check them out right here.  She has over 19 years in commercial biotechnology, but no matter, because the social movements bullying anti-vaxxer movements won’t concern themselves with credentials or experience in the field or actual studies. Instead they will disregard, contact Jimmy Kimmel and Penn and Teller and have a celebrity video created in response.

Our children are at risk from social incompetence. We can change this. We have the power. When we have actual scientist with years upon years of experience and achievements trying to tell us what is happening then we need to listen. Unfortunately this will fall mostly on deaf ears.