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Homeopathy for Sore Throats

Homeopathy for Sore Throats
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Below are some of the most common homeopathic remedies for sore throats to be considered during the winter cold and flu season:

Crot-h: Left-sided throats with low form of blood poisoning. Bleeding from orifices of the body, body appears mottled, yellow and blue, gangrenous or diphtheritic throat, much swelling of glands, impossible to swallow liquids, throat slightly constricted. Low passive delirium, muttering and mumbling speech.

Lachesis: Left-sided or left to right. Sensation of fullness of neck, difficult breathing, choking ongoing to sleep or swallowing, aggravation of throat symptoms from warm drinks, unable to swallow, pain worse empty swallowing; purple throat.

Lac-c: Throat with alternating sides, right to left and to right again, throat looks red and glazed and shiny with silver grey deposit, pains relieved by swallowing cold or warm drinks.

Lycopodium: Right-sided remedy of right to left, relieved form swallowing warm drinks, opposite to Lach; and there is also no aggravation during sleep, and no constriction of throat. Pain extends into ear (as in Belladona, Hepar Sulphur, Lachesis, Cantharis, Phytolacca.

Mercurius: Spongy throat, fullness and stiffness of neck, throat dry, swallowing is difficult. Mercurial odor marked, tongue thickly coated, takes imprint of teeth, sub-maxillary glands enlarged, dark red throat, acute prostration, weakness, offensive sweat, patient worse at night, trembling of limbs.

Merc-p: Strongly right-sided, remains on right side, tongue very thickly coated with yellow or light brown base, excessive secretion of tenacious mucus in the throat, which is difficult to move, especially in the morning, offensive fetid odor, warm drinks aggravate pain (opposite Lycopodium), patient very languid and excessively tired, nausea at sight of food.

Merc-b: Left to right, constant desire to hawk, a lump in throat, tenacious mucus, empty swallowing aggravate, gland swollen, fauces dark red, dreams troublesome, feels light headed as if floating.

Hepar Sulphur: Ulcers in throat, sensation of splinters or fish-bones in throat, pain extends to ear, on yawning and swallowing and turning the head, ameliorated by warm drinks (Lycopodium), patient feels very cold, particularly affected each time he goes out in dry cold winds, or cold east winds. Fever with sweating and a desire to be covered up; profuse perspiration, yet he wants several blankets over him; objects to drafts, open doors and windows.

Kali-bich: Has deep scooped-out ulcers on tonsils, the saliva is sticky and stringy.

Phytolacca: The vegetable Mercury is frequently indicated in sore throats, glands swollen, thick tenacious mucus, symptoms worse nights. Aching in all bones, body feels bruised and sore, bed feels hard. Mouth is fetid, tongue coated, swallowing cold liquids relieves pain, warm drinks aggravate pain (Lachesis). Pain and stiffness in the cervical region.

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