Thursday, June 30, 2011

Natural Insect Repellents!

Happy Summer!


Keeping bugs away with a conventional insect spray can help, but many insect repellants leave skin and clothing oily and smelling like heavy chemicals, some that are toxic. 


Some examples of natural ingredients which may already be in your cupboard and work to ward off summer insects include…..

·         Natural mint leaves and grinding it up into a paste, diluting with water and putting in a spray bottle for use as bug spray.

·         Chopped peppers also work when watered down in a spray.

·         Pure vanilla extract can also be rubbed behind the ears, on the neck, and wrists to ward off pests.

·         Cinnamon oil is very effective, but should not be applied in raw form to skin.

·         Lavender oil or a lavender flower rubbed behind the neck and ears helps keep the bugs away, and provides a pleasant fragrance. 

·         Catnip oil has ten times the effectiveness of DEET repellent. 

·         Celery extract keeps bugs away

·         And eating a diet rich in garlic also helps.