Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tip on Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Medications

Tip on Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Medications (From the Hashimoto’s Institute)

Coffee lowers the intestinal absorption of both inorganic and organic compounds and seems to physically interact with thyroid medications.

One person who was drinking espresso within 10 minutes of thyroid medications had a consistently elevated TSH between 13 and 18. The same person, on the same dose of medication, was made to wait one hour to have her coffee, and took her medication with a full glass of water instead. Her TSH was testing between to 0.03-0.1 for 15 months!

A group of Italian researchers found a way for their espresso loving thyroid patients to have their coffee with their thyroid medications. They found one specially formulated thyroid medication that may withstand the effects of coffee - Tirosint, which is a gel cap formulation of levothyroxine, showed adequate absorption, even when taken with coffee,

Other foods that may interfere with thyroid medication absorption include soy, grapefruit juice, cottonseed meal, walnuts, and dietary fiber.