Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healing Crisis - What Does It Mean In Homeopathy?

Healing Crisis  - What Does It Mean In Homeopathy?

by Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, Classical Homeopath, CEASE Practitioner
San Jose, CA, USA
October 2014

What is a Healing Crisis?
A healing crisis is the body’s too rapid response to the STIMULUS of the homeopathic remedy.

The weaker the immune system, the more likely a healing crisis with intensity will be. It can easily look like the “wrong” remedy to a practitioner who does not understand detoxification pathways or to a fearful parent.  It can be anxiety producing for a parent who is not informed about what to look for. In reality, it actually represents “good news” – that things are moving up and out, but it should NOT be excessive or overwhelming either.

Why the healing crisis?
When you provide NEW ENERGY from a homeopathic remedy, because homeopathy is energy medicine, the body (Vital Force) in its intelligence will use that energy immediately to the highest and best use. Which in most cases, would be to work a detoxification pathway and quickly.

Analogy: Think of someone cleaning out whole garage filled with tons of garbage and mold and junk that has accumulated for many years, including 2 trunks from the parents, and 4 trunks from the 2 sets of grandparents that came unopened in the basement, stored there. Think of it this way: there is no way you could clean out a basement and not see proof you did so! It is the same with the body. Exit channels will be very busy, for quite a while.

Basic Concepts to Remember
  • Homeopathy is like “cleaning house” – this is what I tell my clients.
  • Going through the “junk in the trunk” – and exiting i.e. detoxing through normal detox channels, which will be weaker in people with more toxins and miasmatic burdens.
  • The fundamental function of homeopathy is adding new energy to stimulate detoxification and the return of body balance and organ function that comes once this is achieved.
  • The detoxification process takes times!
  • Some of the disturbances were transferred on DNA, just like the genes were and have to be energetically cleared.
  • The body needs MORE ENERGY (provided from the homeopathic remedy) than it has, in order to stimulate a detox boost.
  • All disease is from lack of adequate ENERGY.
  • All ENERGY is reduced by STRESS – both external and internal stress.
    • External stress is lifestyle, diet, drugs, vaccines, ones environment, including environmental toxins, family dynamics, etc.
    • Internal stress is that set of unconscious beliefs or false beliefs - which we call core delusions in homeopathy and these come from past PERSONAL and INHERITED traumas with strong emotions like fright, fear, mortification, disappointment, lack of love, criticism, anger, etc. These are also transferred on DNA to offspring the same way genes are transferred.
  • This is how we inherit disease patterns, called miasms in homeopathy and energetic disturbances.
  • Luckily, homeopathy cleans the whole mess up…..but of course, it will take time!
Exit Channels in Detoxification
  • The key EXIT channels are stool, urine, sweat, saliva, skin, menstrual cycle in women with periods and dreams for the mental and emotional state.
  • If the remedy is TOO STRONG, the exit channels will be bombarded and too quickly.  But do not confuse a healing crisis with an aggravation or the wrong remedy.
  • Adjusting potency and water dosing helps mitigate against aggravations or extended crisis.
The Role of Genetics and Detoxification
  • It is a fact that 45% of all of us have ONE OR MORE of the genetic mutations.  As clients and practitioners, learning more makes sense. This is only known since the Human Genome Project came into being, in 2005. New stuff!
  • Methylation cycles in those with A1298C and C677T and other SNP's and mutations are VERY weak. Some as challenged, such as if there are 2 copies of the C677 for example, with methylation challenges at 70% LESS than normal.
  • It is a fact that 95% of children on the autistic spectrum have these genetic mutations. Read and learn more here on MTHFR.
  • This is the “why” in how vaccinations with heavy metals HUGELY overwhelm detox pathways that are already incredibly week and insufficient.
Homeopathy and Detox Supports
  • Classical homeopathy is magnificent and does immediate work to stimulate detoxification, gently and effectively.
  • The role of methylation is the detox function and if challenged, the basic nutritional balancing work around are essential for a smoother detox, in my view and in my practice experience to avoid prolonged healing crisis and discouragement.