Monday, April 13, 2015

CALIFORNIANS ON THIS LIST AGAINST SB277 - get involved and send your email or call the Senators on the Education Committee members today!

Email or call all Senators on the Education Committee with opposition to SB277 and do it by 4/14.  The vote is 4/15.

List below!

This issue is incredibly big morally and medically – please help fight on behalf of vaccine injured children and to protect your own children and future children…and yourself.

Now it is about Mandatory vaccines for children to be in school….then come for adults in the work place….it's all headed our way in this State unless we say NO, not now and keep saying no in the future when more bills get introduced, like they just did in Oregon.


Stop this bill in CA

On Wednesday April 15 a hearing in California before the Senate Education Committee will listen to arguments for and against Senate Bill 277. Senators will then vote to pass along the bill or kill it. This bill will take away all personal exemptions for any childhood vaccines, the personal choice for parents to avoid a vaccine they think is unnecessary or dangerous or a vaccine that has previously caused a bad reaction in their child.

This hearing could be the last chance to stop this bill becoming law in California. Six members of the Committee are undecided. Please contact their offices with a phone call and/or an email voicing your opposition to SB 277.

A threat to personal health freedoms

Six states have already rejected similar bills because of the strong opposition of citizens that choose to retain personal freedoms. This is just the first of many measures to force medications on the population. There are already plans to require vaccines for adults as well as children. If you value your ability to make personal choices about your own body and medical treatment you choose for yourself, make the call.

Cost of this bill

This bill could result in the loss of more than one billion dollars of state funds for schools when parents are forced to remove their children from school.

It could cost the state as much as eight billion dollars to prosecute parents who continue to defy the law and refuse vaccinations.

And it could result in the loss of 900 million dollars in tax revenues for the state if parents choose to leave California rather than submit to this invasive law that removes their personal and legitimate right of free choice.

Please contact these Senate Education Committee members on Monday or Tuesday and voice your opposition to SB 277.

CHAIR: Carol Liu (916) 651-4025,

VICE CHAIR: Bob Huff (916) 651-4029,

Loni Hancock (916) 651-4009,

Connie M. Leyva (916) 651-4020,

Tony Mendoza (916) 651-4032,

Andy Vidak (916) 651-4014,